Have new pipe

I recently bought a new fmf gnarly pipe for my 2001 cr 500 and was wondering if you could help me with the jetting?Do i need to change any of the jets or would it be ok with this pipe?

I guess i should have given a little more information to my question,so here it goes again.I recently purchased a fmf gnarly pipe for my 2001 cr 500.I was wondering what jetting changes do i need to do if any?I live in Louisiana and the jetting on my bike right now is main-170 slow jet-55 needle clip on 4th groove and air screw 2 turns out.

Have you rode it?How's it feel?

No,i just ordered the pipe.I bought the cr500 used with a pro circuit exhaust on it and i want more bottom end power.I was just wondering if anybody might have any input on the jetting for this setup.

go to their website check thier jetting suggestions for your bike and gor from there

Even if they're website suggests changes they more than likely won't be major. If your bike is jetted good now your safe to ride with the new pipe without adjustments at first to see how it feels and it may need none. Years ago I ran a Gnarly on a '97 CR250 and all I did was richen the idle mixture by adjusting the air screw. It ran good though without any adjustments.

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