Wheel Bearing Removal

Do I need to get one of these to remove the front and rear wheel bearing on my 250X?


No that thing is only for the nut on hub. You came get that nut off with a screw driver or a flat punch. Be careful not to mess the threads up.

I removed that retainer ring with a punch but now how do I get the bearings out of the hub. Do I NEED the puller or can the bearings be pushed through?

You need a long punch, drift, or screw driver with the end ground blunt.

You attack the right bearing from the left side of the wheel through the axle hole. The spacer tube in the hub will move to the side so you can tap the bearing out evenly. Tap it a little at a time 12, 6 ,3, 9 oclock so it comes out straight as not to wreck the hub. If it seems like it's too hard you can heat the hub area with a heat gun a bit, not too much and not with a torch.

Install the new bearing by tapping it in evenly, not cocked. You can use a big socket sized so it hits only the outer part of the bearing, I've also used pvc pipe or couplings if the size is right. If you use heat on the hub don't freak if it goes in too easy, it'll shrink when it cools.

This might sound obvious but don't forget to put the spacer tube back in. I have seen more than one bike where the wheel bearings are destroyed by leaving the spacer tube out.

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