reversing the 250 2st amateur rule?

Not exactly...

A factory or semi factory built 250F makes almost as much power and more torque than a 250 two stroke. With the unobtainium on the factory bikes, the weights between the two will be equal.

I would like to correct this if I may. The factory 250F will have about as much power as a stock 250 two-stroke, in the neighborhood of 45-48 hp. A factory-race-bike 250 two-stroke will be considerably more powerful, more in the 60 hp neighborhood.

Here in Texas most all of the off road series have put the 250's (2 & 4 storke) in the same class. Doesn't really make any difference. A rider can only ride so fast no matter what he rides in the woods. The only big difference is in the long open roads or grass tracks.....

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