Dr Mark ..Excersies for recently broken ankle

Dr. Mark,

I recently broke my fibula and the ankle bone on inside of leg. I have a plate and seven screws in fibula and one large screw on inside anklee bone. I had the surgery on the 3rd and was casted. Went back on 8th took off cast, had xrays,looked good, and was recasted. I went back on 22nd and had cast taken off. My muscles have atrophied and look horrible. My docotor told me non-weightbearing for two more weeks but to try to stretch to obtain range of motion. I found four good excercises on the internet. When I move my foot up and down it feel like it is pulling on the cut on inside ankle. It is still sore and bruised. I need to get as much range of motion in this thing as quick as possible as I need to go back to work. Do you have any suggestions?

Only the guy who installed the hardware know how much you should stress it.

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