top clamp guard mounts

anyone have triple tree mounted handguards mounted behind a KTM factory light setup?

id like to see some pics installed, there doesnt look like much room between the light surround and the bar.

particularly these, but other options would be cool

the cycra probends just dont "do it" for me. i'd like to unclutter the bar and not have to fight them rotating all the time

I have the Fastway setup with the headlight and it fits fine, actually the headlight rests nicely right on them.

one piece or two piece clamp or does it matter?

I have the 2 piece but it doesnt matter as they mount at the same location, I got the 2 piece so I can see my speedo better..

thanks, i checked em out and i like that i dont need special one-off plastics like the highway pieces. cheaper too.

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