1st ride on new bike 5 minutes ago...

Had the bike for 2 weeks, and finially took it out! I'm on a crash diet and had not planned to due much riding until alot of weight had come off, but what the hell? Well with all the talk about it being a dog, it felt pretty zippy! I have not been on a bike in 10 years, and it was enough to make me nervious at times. The wheel will absolutrlry come up in 1st, but not so much in 2nd. I really didn't test this out much though. I could have been in 3rd? Next, the bike felt smaller than my old DR650, and thats a bad thing as i'm pretty darn big right now. I have to lose some weight now, or buy a Harley.:busted: I sure hope the "give it Hell' Breakin method is correct as that's waht I just did. I ran it around the block, and i'm current looking out the window waiting for the cops to arrive.:moon: One thing I still don't care for is the thumper / tractor sound. Will a Yosh help, or will it just sound like a louder tractor?

the sound will grow on ya, and you're probably going to want to add a pipe. The best deal on the market as far as a pipe goes is the SSW/MRD pipe, last i heard, at 460$ including shipping. Yosh Titanium power at an affordable price.

Where in Fla are you? i'm in the Tampa area.

Good luck with your new ride


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