Dyno Jet

Hey guys i got a re jetting kit for christmas but i want to make sure its decent,its a stage 2 by dyno kit . I checked it out on the web it looks very similar to the JD kit. Anyone have any experience with one? As far as the throttle stop screw it says to make sure its a certain lenght , can i just grind it down and use the micrometer to measure the lenght? Also i m going to need to do the air box anyone have any suggetions or pictures , my bike is an 08 wr 250.Its a canadian bike i know the dealer removed the insert in the pipe im not sure about the throttle stop and ive done the grey wire .

it is NOT simular.

the JD needles are triple taper.

i dont like the dyno jet. The jd is a great product and i havent found anything that can beat them in simplicity and power from a kit.

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