75penton 250 hare scrambler

hey i was wondering what a penton 250 H.S. is worth as im thinking of selling it. its in ride-able condition with stock but factory upgraded parts, penton fiber glass dessert tank,sun rims marzocci piggy back rears with arces front shocks.orig.mag ktm with great compression and spark and a huge mikuni. needs a throttle and a kick start lever,air filter grips. rears are at the 45degree position but can mount in six positions including vert.good tread on tires. i had a buddy push me and started this thing and it sputtered for a second then f%^&ing took off doing a wheely in 3rd and was probably doing 45 0r 50 before i could pull the plug wire and shut it down,lol all that in about 6 seconds. oh and it needs a kill switch.ha ha. shoot me some ideas, thanks

I would recommend getting it to run properly as that will lend alot to the value of the bike, non runners area a pain and it gives the buyer alot of negotitaion room. If this was a OEM Penton, running, I would estimate 5K or better, depends on the buyer and gotta have it itis. Cleanliness and painted appearance also aide in the value.

Post some pics and we can give you a better estimate.

ok i figured out how to post a pic,also the frame number begins with (54) = ktm powered (506)= june 1975 CIMG1520.jpg

no input on my project huh??

A couple of points: the silencer is missing and the stock tank was red with black or white stripes if I remember. I almost bought one in 1976. I bought a Husky 250WR instead because of the lighter weight.

yeah that tank doesnt look right and vintage bikes with orginal tanks are usually worth some big $$. tried to find a pic of a 75 penton for you, with no luck.

btw, pentons are the coolest bikes IMO. next to hodakas.

theres a cool little video of a older guy revvin one up on youtube.com just search 250 penton hare scrambler. ps thanks for the offers in pm.

No videos found for “250 penton hare scrambler”

That tank really changes the way the bike looks.

Thanks for the link. That led to 1-1/2 hours of videos.

I might be interested in the bike. Where are you located in CA?

near sacramento, i know the tank does make it look different lol,i dont know,im restoring and i MIGHT get a new regular tank for it but it makes the bike look funnier to me and i usually ride out in the middle of nowhere so i dont mind having all the extra capacity. i've done alot since the pic tho. can't wait to get it all dirty on the track rippin it uppp. if i have it long enough lol

These are really good bikes and this one looks to be in pretty good shape and tanks in good shape can be found. For a great wealth of information go to the Penton website at www.pentonusa.org Don't be afraid to make a post and introduce yourself these are some greatest guys you will ever meet

I have 2 Pentons myself. They are the reason I got back into motorcycles.

yeah it seems like a great bike,fast even by todays standards.i started from the back end and am working my way forward on it , after the red dirt is off its pretty clean. im thinking of replacing a few things and putting it on ebay. but yeah its nice for its age,and the funny thing is, i got it for free,lol

$5k would be way over priced unless it is an absolute mint original/restored condition. A clean non-original rider, more in the $1500-to a little over $2k if you find the right person.

Here's a fairly recent ad from the POG site, for a similar bike for comparison:

Restored 1977 MC-5 everything new except rear shocks. PVL igition, rebuilt engine,new plastic, tires, handlebars ,rims ,spokes, powder coated frame. Great vintage racer! Price $3800.00

Any questions please call me at 616-784-3139. Evenings please.

i would rather trade it. sweet mid size 12/14 pitbike is what im thinking. make offers if interested

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