sl 100 cam chain noise?

OK first up I did search as I know it can be annoying with frequent questions that are all the same. I have a whirring that sounds like the cam chain to me at low revs - right around idle. As soon as you rev past idle it goes away.

I adjusted the chain as per Clymers but it didn't seem to do anything. It seems the adjuster is bottomed all the way in. Is that the loosest setting? This motor does not have the adjuster on the head like I am used to so I am a little lost here.

The motor is fresh - I rebuilt the whole top end including cam chain and valves five years ago but never got her running. Long story. Runs great now but I don't want to hurt anything.

Any input is appreciated.


Boy I dunno hard to say, could be cam chain too tight, a worn cam journal? did you replace the cam chain tensioner too?

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