Klx Elevaton Changes???

Anyone run a holtzman ATAAC on their KLXto assist with temp and elevation changes?

I am planning a trip to Colorado this year but I live in Ohio. I ran one of these on my last snowmobile and I had no jetting issues running from sea level all the way to 11k feet in Wyoming.

I was thinking of trying it out and wanted to see if anyone has done it? and if it wrked for you?



I just looked at the device. Very interesting. If you've already got some familiarity with it through snowmobiling, couldn't hurt to try it out in CO. It would be interesting to see if it works.

As a back up, I'd bring an extra main jet. I ran a 124 main in the stock carb to keep it running right. Not sure if you've got any mods to the bike, but a size up or down from a 124 would also be good (if you've got them handy).

My rides can go from below sea level, to 12,000' (sometimes in one days ride!!!). You can do a rejet for altitude by decreasing the amount of fuel (smaller jet), or more simply, just increase the amount of air....the result is the same! For those who go to high altitude only occasionally, or who see huge elevation changes every day, this works great:

I jet for sea level, and install a couple of the Thunder TPI valves in my airbox lid. As I ascend I open up the valves for more air, and then close them as I descend. Above 10,000', I just pull the airbox lid off completely.


Thanks for the info guys...

I see what you are saying about the re-jetting through making airbox changes but the nice thing about this system was that once installed, there was no need for ANY change!!!

One difference is that the sled was a 2 stroke and it may be a lot more finicky than these 4 stroke bikes. But im gonna contact Holtzman and see what they have to say. I know they use things in more than just sleds so I guess we will see.

Thanks again,


If you're heading out this way and want to hook up, drop us CO riders a line. Would be a pleasure to show you some of the killer rides out here.

Thanks ! We might just do that! My buddy is planning the trip for us. We are looking at anywhere from 2-5 riders but im not sre just where we are gonna go yet.

There are no shortage of places to ride here, just depends how far you want to travel. There is still snow in the higher elevations until April, depending on what sides of the mountain you're riding on, but we're still finding places to ride through the seasons. At any rate, feel free to pm me if you're interested in a ride. If we don't hook up, I can give you a list of cool places to consider.

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