LOF,hours or miles on your WR450

Do you track the hours or mile between oil/filter changes? What seems to work best and how many (hours/miles) between? Thanks

I like to change my oil and filter after every race, or if im just trail riding after a full days riding. oil and filter changes imo are just cheap insurance pro longing a engine rebuild.


I have two magnetic sump plugs and change my oil and filter every 3 rides.

That usually equates to about 200 - 250 miles or so.


200-250 miles on the 07, and ~300 miles on the 99s (they hold about 0.5 litres more).

I go by hours. I am a slow rider and do not ride hard so I change it every ten hours. If I raced or had any semblance of being fast or hard on the bike, I'd probably change it every five hours. When riding off road, your speed is dependent on the conditions. You might spend a day doing difficult single track and barely cover 50 miles. Another time, riding fire roads, never going slower than thirty, covering 200 miles. Same number of hours, much different mileages.

I do mine (06 450) every 10 hours (soft trail riding by aging *****)

The oil comes out looking like new - should I leave it in longer?


The oil comes out looking like new - should I leave it in longer?

You are changing it while it's still hot straight after a ride aren't you?

If parked for a length of time the oil can clear to a certain degree, any foreign matter suspended in the oil will settle to the bottom of the cases.

If you are changing it hot then I would definately think about extending the service intervals.


100-200 miles depending on conditions. When its cold and there is little to no dust I'll stretch it out. When it gets hot (90f +) and dusty I'll cut the intervals short. Cheap insurance IMO.

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