Re-anodizing? Can it be done?

Quick question guys, if I had an old anodized rim that is trashed, can it be sand blasted and reanodized?

Don't sand blast it! Strip the old anodizing with lye. Or send it to these guys and they will strip the old anodizing, polish it back up, and then anodize it any color you want.

Thanks KJ. You're always quick with good info. Gas for you, when it let's me (they think that I need to spread it around some more).

There are guys in NSL that and do the new work.

Check this guy out as well. Can't comment on the quality of work from KJ's link as I have never used them but I can see they are a bit more expensive than this guy on some services, not all. His name is Bob and he is a stand up guy, with me at least. He has another set of my wheels right now. Quick turn around and always goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. He will get every wheel I run since the first time I worked with him. KJ, not dissing your guy at all, just giving another option.

What color are you looking for? Why not powder coat it? If it is black, I could help you out if you want.

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