Need a 48 Pilot jet, anyone have one, you'd send to me????


Try using Clear Magic to get the gasoline stains out of your nice white shirt! :)

If anyone needs the late model jet pictured on the left, I have two, both 48's. Got to love the dealers...well at least mine :)

email me at


Hey Bill, you weren't planning on giving away the 48 I gave you, where you? :)

Dude :) (Mike),

No way. One of the drivers for my post, was the fact that I already had two incorrect 48PJ's from previous attempts to buy one. So with yours I have three.

Your is tucked away and to get it back you'll have to drive to my house, ride, drink and have a great time :D


Bill :D

Hehe..I know, Bill. You wouldn't do something like that :) Just giving you a hard time!

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