83 xt550 rear shock

are there any shocks that will fit my 83 xt 550 the shock oil is gone and every time i hit a bump or a dip i dont stop bouncing ive looked and looked i know ebay has some on there but the ppl dont take a debit card how long is the shock on it i prolly can get one to fit or a longer any swingarms that can convert on the 550,s ?:busted:

I think one of the YZ shocks will fit, maybe the 465? I remember talking to a guy on SuperMotoJunkie about it, and he had some sort of YZ shock with some reservoir cable tied around the front frame down tube. Had some KTM USD forks too.

I'm also looking into a rear shock upgrade. My one seems very harsh, by that I mean you feel every little bump. On bit or gravel roads it's not that bad, but riding on the farm with all the little stones and bumps...my kidneys feel it at the end of the day. Are they usually that crap or is mine shot?

mine bottoms out on every bump

My rear shock has a crapload of preload on to try and stiffen it, but no game. Then again, where does a person have a nitrogen shock recharged? Especially on a 25+ year old bike that's obsolete...

i hear that only if they made the shock or shocks that fit on it or an adapter that fit on the newer shocks

i found a couple shocks on ebay that are off an it tt and a moto4 that were long but im not too sure they will fit

im not gonna sped lots of money just to find out that they dont fit or that they are too big

post a pic- would like to see an 83...

I repaired mine remove spring , clean then drill out the bottom of shock [1/8"]to release the gas, press down on the cap[difficult] and pry out the wire ring , slide the rod and cap out, measure how far piston is up from the bottom of shock, use a rod to tap out the piston that seperates the gas from the oil clean everything , find a valve stem that you can cut threads onto though now I know they are avalible with 1/8 pipe thread drill botom of shock body then tap threads to what you made or aquired clean with alcohol let dry then epoxy the threads and screw together [cure] lube piston oring [replace if needed ] remove valve core put piston in to same depth that it was upon removal , fill with shock oil to brim with thicker shock oil 20wt and a little alcohol [swells orings on shock tube cap] reassemble [messy] put valve core back in ,charge with nitrogen [ideal] or air [works] I've ran mine for two years when it feels soft pump up the air . I would like to install a Works brand shock and I may some day but this is a $15 dollar repair. We are'nt riding 25 year old bikes because we are flush with cash we're broke and just want to have fun. I'm sorry I dont have pictures . Also I did try an ebay shock with less miles than mine it was clapped out. Reply if any thing needs explained better.

where exactly did you drill again? Is this from the side or from the bottom?

Works Performance offers a replacement shock for the XT550. The price is on their website... $395 as of 12/28.

Steep, but probably a better option than buying one on the 'bay that may or may not be clapped out.

The bottom [the first one I tried I did in the lower side the gas came out then the piston jammed my drill bit and the oil wouldnt come out] I did'nt know that they are gas charged and there was a floating piston inside between the oil and the gas. Just drill between the bushing and the edge on the bottom. I stole this idea from Super Hunky his method was for older shocks [before gas charged]so they were drilled in the side then you brazed a nut on then filled with oil then put a bolt and a copper washer in to seal. I think repairing ours is easyer it is a mother to press the top in to get the snap ring out though. Also I would bevel the snap ring so if it has to come apart again it wil be easier to snatch with a pick.

SuperHunky is a great guy, I met him a few months back. Very knowledgeable, I read his website inside and out. And then I had the pleasure to redesign it. http://superhunky.com

I'm reading his book now.

Sounds like a lot of effort to me...Smacaroni - I meant to ask you last time, but have you made any progress with the XT dual exhausts?

Well, I found a source for pretty much any tubing you want, I measured the OD on the factory head pipe at right about 1.125 inches (I have a slide micometer, it's work to figure out exact measurements when I don't need exact measurements, silly me should have looked on the metric scale), but I'll go with 1.25 inch tubing from classictube.com, with the appropriate J-bends.

Unfortunately, that's about all the farther I've gotten since my step-son's (17 years old) car took a dump, a tiny piece of the exhaust valve broke off and did horrendous damage to the piston and head. Needless to say, I'm highly pissed at Ford, since that tiny chip on a $25 valve (if that) has essentially destroyed the car. I'm parting it out to try and make some of the money back we invested in it. The engines are known to be problematic and I wish I had known that sooner.

I also resurrected a PW80 for my daughter for Christmas, so between those two things, that's where most of my free time went.

But I did find a source for custom tubing in really small diameter, so I'm making progress.

I'm also thinking that a DRZ-125 stock exhaust can be picked up fairly cheap and modified to work for the XT, the size if about right, it will need the in and out side enlarged, but the muffler's guts are pretty close to what's needed without a whole lot of work.

Clearly, I need to get to the point where I need to install a muffler to check this.

If that doesn't work, I'm going to use off the shelf 3" or maybe 4" tubing and build a muffler using flat expanded metal (diamond shaped holes) or perforated metal (lots of pencil lead sized holes) as the inside tube to wrap muffler packing around. This all would have to be bent by hand and welded together, which is quite a bit more work than cutting a larger hole in an existing muffler and welding tube on.

I'm also going to track down a DRZ-250 or 300 to see if those silencers would be better suited to the task (I think so-less work = better).

Somewhere I read that the XL500 headers fit our XT's, but the two ports on the front are 5mm further apart or something like that. TBH I'm very happy with my homemade resonance chamber muffler. It's not too heavy, and only has perforated holes around it (freeflow). It's dead quiet at idle, but as soon as you rev it the whole thing just comes alive. Powerflow makes a nice muffler for the XT's, but you also have to remember that for the project to work, you'll need two of them. Something I've noticed on my bike - my one header pipe seems to have expanded a bit. If you feel it with your hand it feels like a swollen finger. It's the header from the primary carb side IIRC. Does anyone else know about this?

hmm, that I don't know, I'd be conserned if it was a two-cyl engine, but since it's only one with two exhaust ports, I wouldn't worry too much.

I have my bike in temporary storage (it's supposed to go to 4F/-15C this week), but I'll check when I pull it out.

Could it be rusted badly on one side and mildly rusted on the other?

Naw, it's just a huge bump in the pipe. I checked it today, it's definately the primary carb side one. I'd say it's raised about 2mm at the most. It's similar to where the two headers join together, only seamless and not welded. BTW, i have a stainless exhaust header on mine so it's not rust. I'm not really worried about it as such, just curious as always^_^

has anyone tried a shock from the 80-81 yz?

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