250 sxf rotating carb for jet access

I am trying to figure out the best way to rotate the carb to clean my pilot jet. I can rotate it by loosening the clamps and prying the throttle linkage underneath the frame. Without prying/pushing down on the carb, the throttle linkage hits the frame.

I saw a JD write up on how to rotate the carb by removing it from the front boot. How do you do this as the carb does not want to move backwards very much?

My first way works OK but I get the feeling I am going to damage something.

On my 450 I had to take off the seat and tank and exhaust can then the top subframe bolts and loosen the lower subfram bolts then you can loosen the carb and slip it out of the boot to access the bottom portion of it. If there is an easier way I would like to know.

the easiest way to get to the carb on the new bikes is to take off the seat and loosen the front and rear air boot. Once the rear boot is loose you can push/pull the boot off thru the air box. The air box has a lip that slides into the boot, it may take a minute or two the first time you do it to see how it is together but after that it takes only seconds. Next you can pull your carb back off the front boot and down to rotate it or to take it all the way out. It is much faster than removing the subframe and everything elese. I can change my jets in about ten minutes from start to finish now. the older bikes you could just loosen the boots and rotate the carb but the new frames are much closer to the carb and wont let you do it that way.

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