Can somebody explain OIL Prices?? For 1 L bottles

OK, I understand that Oil Prices went through the roof last year, but I cannot figure this part out..

1) Why have the prices of 1 Litre of motorcycle oil DOUBLED in the last 2 years ??

I used to pay $9.00 per litre and the SAME product is now $18.75 per litre 2 years later (I am in Canada).

Is the price of oil not back at a record LOW?? Is it safe to assume that the price of motorcycle oil will gradually drop back down towards prices 2 years ago since oil is now back at an all time low?

Is this a market price fluctuation we are seeing that parallels oil prices but has several months of lag time to be reflective in the price ?

Anybody provide some insight??

The motorcycle oil companies are taking profits while they can.

There never has been any logic to explain or justify the pricing of "boutique" lubricants.

The only thing they can claim is the product on the shelf cost alot more to buy the raw materials and process than the crude on the market now. There's a bit of lag time between the purchase of that barrel of oil and your purchase in the MC shop.

But, for some reason, I don't see the price coming down anytime soon, or ever for that matter.

canadians get hit hard for oil, trust me I know....

I usually purchase in bulk from mail order companies from the states, and depending on their deals u can get free shipping :busted:

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