2003 exhaust on 2002

hey guys will exhaust compnents from 03-05 fit on a 2002. did the frame change any from 02 to 03(dont think it did). i know header will fit, but what about midpipe and muffler??

no one knows the answer to this???!!!! o well hope it fits...

Let me know if it fits. I thought I read somewhere it will not fit.

The frame is slightly different. I know the dip stick is in the center behind the steering stem on the 02. The dip stick is on the left side of the stem on the 03. I think the pipe will fit because Dr D pipes we have fit both.

yea the front of the frame is a little different, but think the rear subframe is the same too. thanks for that info

From the FAQ: 01-02, 03-05, 06 and 07 exhausts are unique to themselves.

does the stock pipe dissconnect from the stock mid pipe?

muffler from midpipe i mean

i put a 03 fmf q4 on my 02 wr250f had to cut about 10mm off the rear end of the fmf mid pipe. apart from that all bolted up shmicko. but that is aftermarket parts cant say for the 03 factory stuff.

hpe that helps

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