seized bike

well to make a long story short, I recently lost most of my oil through a missing valve cover bolt and discovered that the cam journals were basically toast. I replaced the head on my 06 rmz 450 with a 07 head from ebay. Bike ran for 5 hours after rebuild until seizing after landing from jump. (motor abruptly stopped and kick starter would not move,) I figured the crank bearings went from the running it on low oil before rebuild. took of cylinder and head and noticed no visible damage and my crank moves! I'm stumped, any ideas?:busted:

does anyone know if there is something wrong with running an 07 head with an 06 motor? I had to modify the head a little (slot the motor brace hole) in order to bolt it on.

If you like to do big jumps, then you have to pull that motor down completely. If it locked up to the point of it not even letting you kick it over, then something did actually sieze. And it could do it again on the face of the next big jump.

Now because it was an oil starvation thing, literally you should replace every bearing inside the motor. I know it sucks, but you have no choice because it's a safety thing and every bearing inside the motor could have been the one that seized.

My 2 cents.

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