Rebuild a Cr 80 1994

I just bought a cr 80 1994 on ebay for 385$ the seller just told me this:

"The engine turns over, but is believed to have s suspect piston ring. It has racing forks, and a racing carb.".

this is some photos:




what can I do now?

Well your in the 150R forum so I'd say........ drop a 150R motor in it!

If it was me, I'd just tear it down, clean it up real nice, repaint some bits, and rebuild the motor if it really does need. Look into what a similar good condition running CR80 would sell for, and just make sure you don't put more money into it than that.

yea was there a purpose posting in the 150r forum? if i were you, i wouldnt spend any more restoring it than getting a nice bike. if you can plan it out and in the end it turns out less, start with all the internals, then the paint and plastics if you can still find them.

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