DRZ400 SM for D/S

what would be the problem with putting knobbies on the 17" SM wheels of a DRZ, and then using it for Dual Sporting?

I am short and figured instead of lowering a 400S, i could get a used SM and just put the knobbies on it.

I wonder if the huge front disk would get trashed, and would the smaller front wheel hurt me in the end as far as handling the ruts and washes.

What would YOU do? lower a 400S or use a 400SM?

I'd lower a 400S. For DS rides, most modern bikes have way more suspension travel than youd ever use unless you are jumping. I lowered my WR three inches and have not come close to bottoming out. I had it all done internally and then revalves and resprung for my 220# weight. I save my SM rod the road.

Get the S or put S wheels on the SM. I had the fat knobbies on my SM wheels for trails. They work okay but the front tire wont' help you get up and over large objects as well as a 21 incher. Also, the front tire splashes more water up when hitting big puddles and such because the wide tire floats more than the 21 skinny front tire tends to cut through. I now bought the S wheels and am very satisfied with the results.

Just lower a regular 400S. You'll beat the wider 17'' wheels to death...scratch/dent 'em all to pieces. A lowering link is much simpler than using rear tires for front knobbies anyway. They handle like a stinkbug with big, fat tires.






You forgot one, Yanni :busted:


The 17" knobs work fine for what I'm using my 610 for, which is long-distance dualsport/adventure type riding. I thought they'd be pretty sucky but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it handled on the trails. I've got a plated KTM 450 with dirt wheels if I need them, and regular dirtbikes for the gnarly stuff, but it's nice to know I can ride the 610 on trails if I want to...




I have an SM and just bought S wheels for it. Easy swap too:thumbsup:



the BIG wheels look so crazy!!!! . makes me not want to sell mine . o well

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