dyno jet lcd display unit

Has anyone used one of these for tuning there fuel injected bike in conjunction with a power commander3, driving 450 miles round trip to dyno my bikes is getn old and expensive.

I ahd a wideband commander & was avble to tune my yamaha R1 to where the air/fuel ratio was pretty good (according to the unit) but it would run hot & not make as good of power as it should have.

I sold the unit & got a good custom map done & the bike ran way better (167HP).

the lcd read out is only useful if you use a power commander and a wide band commander.

its really dangerous to try and look at the read out while riding.

just data log with the wideband commander and than make the changes.

I used the data logging for the mapping.

at first, I found that I spent more time watching the gauge than I did watching the road.

you're right VERY dangerous!

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