Bike reviews?

Based on all the recent inquiries on which bike to buy, I was thinking we should post reviews. They should be based on first hand knowledge of the bike, NOT what your buddy says, or what you've read somewhere else. As we all know, all the brands have positives and negative attributes, so list both. Oh, we should also list our riding experience or ability.

What does everyone think?

YES!!! And have a mod sticky it......

Or maybe a different sticky thread for each brand, and people can just post some short opinions about each one in its sticky. That way no one has to type a huge response for a single brand......

Good idea...

based on the economy more and more people will be riding older bikes.the 04 280 pro is a sweet powerul beast,tame when you want it and down right mean when you want it,weak trannys, be careful shifting at speed, they are not made for full on trail riding.if you want a trail bike buy a trail bike.maintainance very easy.hows that for a rating,guys?uhhh?hello?

Good idea...

I don't know what the heck your talking about??

How about elaborating on some of those points??

I've had a 99 Beta Techno and an 04 Beta 250. Too green to the sport to really comment on those two. I did like the left hand kick starter. The footpegs were crap! The plastics broke if they THOUGHT they were going to touch the ground!

Next I had an 06 Sherco2.9. I loved working on that bike! very simple. The clear gas tank made checking the amount of gas easy. Way more power than I needed.

Currently riding an 07 Scorpa SY250 R. Great bike, quality parts like the billet triple clamps, good footpegs, riser bars and the plastics have been bent in half numerous times, only to spring back to the original shape!! Only the freezing cold and a side hit has cracked the rear fender. The Yamaha motor has a track record of being very dependable. Plenty of power for the stuff I ride. Maybe could use a little more snap to do the big splatters and stationary jap zaps the YZ does with relative ease. Mostly its a mental block keeping me from going bigger. I have a LOT of hours on the bike and still have the original clutch plates and sprokets. I have replaced the chain and both sets of brake pads. I like the short exhaust as it stay out of serious damage.

As for the bad parts, there is a sharp corner on the motor that must be filed down or it will rub a hole into the exhaust. Working on the carb is very difficult! The thermostat is crap as I have gone through two already! The routing of the throttle cable and clutch line could be better ( this has been improved on newer models)

Parts and technical info are very easy to get. Mike at the tryals shop has been very helpful!

Riding it is great! I compete in the advanced class and can typically clean each section, whether I do or not is another story!

Here is a review of my 06 monty 4rt.However not much to compare to as far as trials bikes this is my only trials bike Ive owned.

Motor is a 250cc honda powered can't beat it for me,love it.For what I do(Play riding around my desert property and short 20 -30 mi trail rides it's all I need.The EFI is unreal, real crisp throttle response,can't understand why all bike these days don't have it?Servicing is pretty basic for honda all pretty accessable filters etc.Manual is top of the line,other makes could learn a thing or two by the Monty manual.

Suspension for me was quite surprising for a trials bike for me,it aint my 450excr,but damn that thing goes pretty darn good on my desert trail rides,yeah I've bottomed it once or twice,(pilot era)going to fast in the whoops thinking I was on my 450.All in all the suspension is quite good for a trials bike IMO,good compression and rebound for hopping logs,river banks etc.Bottom line I was real surprised at how good it is,especially for my weight 220lbs.

Transmission is quite good for slow trials work 1st-2nd good/unreal torque the bike will climb way over my capabilities,can you say tractorability!Finding neutal can be a bit mysterious on occasions while bike is running,however I'm getting a bit more wired after time.Clutch seems like it could use a upgrade next time around,just a little soft,but no fading yet.Trail riding it could use one more gear if you ask me,but nonetheless quite acceptable,shifting is pretty darn smooth for a trials bike.

Handling is very good,this is my first trials bike and IMO a good learning bike as it has kinda grown on me,after riding since 74 offroad primarily I got used to the standing up style of trials on this bike quite fast as we standup almost all the time on our regular trail bikes in the rocky terrain out here in the Mojave desert.Quite frankly the bike handles pretty friggin good,This surprised me as well.Sometimes I will opt to ride my trials bike when on trail rides with my buddies and will keep the pace with them, they don't wait too long on the fast stuff,but in the tight stuff no contest I'm waiting for them.One thing that really caught me off guard was the handling in the sand,not too bad,I thought it would be hideous,but proved me wrong,she goes,however I have many miles/years of sand riding,so maybe I'm used to it.

Weight seems like a flyweight for me,however the 2 strokes I understand are bit lighter!

Brakes seem excellent so far good stopping power,however got a little minor squeeky going on that I'm trying to get after,but i'm used to ktm brakes so what else is new.

Quality seems excellent frame welds are next to perfect.Triple clamps,forks,swingarm,motor,just the whole package reaks of high quality.Impressive!

Cost is pricey I paid roughly 7 grand for the bike brand new for a 06 that sat around for a few years,no buyer?Well I consider myself lucky to find this,as at first I was thinking of getting a used bike for 3-4 grand and I opted for the Monty and in retrospect I'm glad I did the overall package was worth it too me especially with the bullet proof Honda powerplant.

Note like I said This is my first trials bike Ive owned so this might seem a bit biased,but I have no affiliation with Montessa whatsoever,just my honest opinions,and unfortunately not any trials bikes under my belt to compare with.




2003 Gas Gas 280 pro

Pro's- More power than you (I) will ever need.

- Very snappy power---> easy zaps and splatters

- very light and flickable

- very easy and secure while endoing and hoping the back wheel

- entire bike is very open and easy to work on

- brakes on both ends are excellent

Cons- Exhaust is very vulnerable. All you have to do is to look at it, and it's jammed itself up and towards the center of the bike (right where the fear wheel has to be)

- Rear fender, while good, is very short and tightly curved, making it slightly easier to break than something long and flat like the Scorpa's

- Stock del'orto carb was O.K. , but had some bog. With an upgrade to the keihn, the bike runs absolutely perfectly. No hesitation, no spooge buildup, super easy tuning.

-Riding position is a little behind the times. The pegs are quite far forward and high up compared to a lot of more recent bikes. As a result, it feels a little less stable on the back wheel, and in slippery turns. It also makes stationary hopping a little harder compared to the newer Gas Gas's

- turning is not very sharp at all, so it's a good thing it hops quite well.

* just a general note, the bike is, in general, very very twitchy. The controls are super light, and things happen very quickly. From what I can tell Scorpa's and newer Gas Gas's feel much much calmer. The geometry on the '03 feels much tighter and more aggressive, and while the newer Gas Gas's seem to build power smoothly, this bike really KICKS when you touch the gas. This probably means that you have to ride the clutch a bit more than you would on other bikes.... This is neither a pro nor a con really, it's just personal preference. I love it the way it is, but would have probably been much better off learning on a calmer, lower displacement bike.

* As of 2 years, The only failure that I've had on the bike was the rear shock, which blew this previous spring. Unfortunately, they aren't rebuildable, so it had to be completely replaced.

I'm 16 btw, and I ride Advanced.

I ended up replacing it with the Ohlins, but I'll give you a call if I decide to get it fixed back up to sell.... Thanks for the info.

How weak are the trannys on the earlier GasGas 280's?

Anyone got a review for the GG 321's? I keep hearing theyre a bullet proof work horse, minus the rear wheel hitting the exhaust and punching a hole in it (cant you just make a spacer tho?)

Right now Im looking at either an 00' Gas Gas 321 (laser he still hasent gotten back to me yet Im gonna shoot him another e-mail) or a 03' Gas Gas 280

My tranny is going perfect. The '03 is a great bike, and I'm going to stick with mine for as long as I can. Even after riding some 07 and 08 Gas Gas's , both raga's and non-ragas, I still love the feeling of my bike when I get back on it.

For you, I guess it would depend on what you want it for. Assuming they are both the same price, if you want to do real trials and competitions and stuff, then you probably want the '03. If you just looking to bomb around the woods with the occasional trials ride, then get the 321.

I ended up replacing it with the Ohlins, but I'll give you a call if I decide to get it fixed back up to sell.... Thanks for the info.

The Ohlins gold are very nice.

:busted: what is it written in hyroglyphics?on the pros from 3rd gear on up you have to make positive shifts or you could grenade the gear box. for those who put freakin seats on their trials bikes!:banghead:the suspension is way too soft at speed,so why transfer that discomfort to your spine,rather than your legs?i hate trail riding on my bike other than loop riding.because of their proven reliability,insane power, simple construction, affordability,easy access to part suppliers have me convinced hands down that they are the best,some complain the frames are cheesy,but have you ever broken one?probably not.the only thing i dont like is the muffler routing.i ride intermediate which is 2 levels below expert in cali,because of age:smirk:

I don't know what the heck your talking about??

How about elaborating on some of those points??

The Ohlins gold are very nice.

Yeah, I felt an instant difference. Hooked up better, but also felt much easier to hop. Mine's silver though.... don't know if there's a difference, but it still feels good...

Anyone have info on late model (06 or beyond) Beta's?

I've heard Sherco parts are getting tough to find. Is this true?

Seriously, How hard is it to re-jet a Scorpa (two stroke)?

Thanks for any info.

Its really not that hard to rejet a Scorpa, just time consuming. The easiest way I found to do it was to take off the rear fender, 3 bolts, take off the subframe 4-5 bolts, remove the top shock mount, 1 bolt, and there you go. I'm sure it would be easier for me if my subframe was still straight.

Definately NOT a deterant from buying a Scorpa!

Thanks Frutta, That's good info. For me, living in SW Colorado, we ride anywhere from 4000' to 11,000' in elevation so jetting is something we do on a regular basis.

What is the Jetting in your trusty Scorpa? Was the stock off much?

Why do you have to ask something complicated?? :thinking: I know it is different from stock, per MIke at RYP, but I do not recall what is in there. Still not 100% correct, I should fine tune it better.

Craig R had his bike pretty well sorted - I thought it was great off the bottom anyway. I will ask him next time I talk to him - Im just curious.

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