AC 10 Tyre Pressures- Quick fix???

Following "Jesus is this normal....." I am settling down with the "riding on marbles" sensation that is riding on Knobblies on the road.

All I can liken it to when not on the power is riding with a buckled front wheel, its not nice. Thanks to all who replied but can anyone recommend what pressure to run on road and dirt to get the max out of the tyres?

Cheers fellas and Happy Christmas!

14 to 18 psi seems good

i ride on the mud and road with 10 front and 10-12 rear thats with 4 mm tubes.

Way, way harder for road use. (Changes from marbles, to ball bearings).

You should have them hard (try 30 psi rear and 25 psi front) for on the road, and drop them on the trails. Measure pressures when the tyre is unused, stone cold. Pressurised air expands when heated, giving a false tyre pressure reading, even when only lukewarm, so go easy when reducing pressure at the trail head.

Don't go below about 20 psi without rimlocks, or the rims can spin in the tyres, ripping the inner tube valve out.

Best advice is from the tyre manufacturer, but experimentation from their guidelines will find the best results for YOUR use on YOUR trails on YOUR bike.

I've ran these tires since I had my z the best compromise on and off road have been 12 to 15 rear and 20 to 25 front period. The front needs higher pressure for the road or it will give you the every other knob wear. The worst I ever seen on a bike that i have owned.

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