XR100- Does rotating the suspension linkage really lower the bike?

I looked at the rear linkage and I can't quite understand how flipping the link will lower the rear end. I bought a 2002 XR100 for my 3 kids for Christmas but I really feel it is too tall for the two younger ones. If I can find an XR80 front wheel and lower the rear by flipping the suspension linkage then all should be good!

Yes - it lowers it. I did it on my bike to see and it really works.

Thanks for the response! You wouldn't happen to have taken a before and after measurement did you?

This is with an extended swingarm to raise the back of the bike, but it lowered it about 1.75 inches. I am not sure what it would be with a regular swingarm.

Instead of flipping the linkage just buy an xr80 front wheel and back wheel until the kids get a little bigger. I have a set from a late 80's xr80 I would sell you. Complete with axles, brakes, even have tires on them.

Man, this site is better than ebay... Check your PM's basilfaulty let me know how much you want.

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