valve train noise??? washing machine??

Just bought a used 2003 crf450r. The previous owner had never opened the engine at all for anything. It runs great, idles fine but after riding it hard, there is a swish/swish/swish sound coming from the valve cover area. I plan on checking the valves in a few days and am wondering if the head is already too far gone and will need replaced seats and valves. I'm sure I'll have to pull the head to check the valve/seat area but I'm hoping this sound is normal and I don't need to worry about it. I listened to a 2006 and did not hear this noise on it, so I don't think it is normal. Anyone have any experience with this sound or any ideas??

Thanks in advance---Tom

I also have a 03; These dikes do have alot of valve train noise but I can't say I would call it a SWISH noise. The head can't be in bad shape since it runs fine. If it was way out you would be to tired to ride it after you got it started. Good luck with the bike, it a good one.

ive never heard mine go swish swish but i too was suprised by the amount of valve train/engine noise. If it is starting nice and easy and still has plenty of balls i wouldnt be too worried, but having said that, if he hasnt had the cover off id be getting the clearances etc checked even if just for peace of mind.

best of luck

Thanks for the replies. I will pop it open next week and check everything anyway, just for some peace of mind.


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