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rules against powder coating and other modifications

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hey guys. ive got a new 2007 rm85 that is going to be raced in the stock class. it has:

factory connection suspension

renthal bars


so therefore its "stock"

now my questions are:

can you powdercoat the frame?

what about aftermarket levers?

handle bar modification limitations?

and what can i not in any way shape or form modify?

(based on AMA rules)

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Powder-coating is simple dry paint being electrically charged/applied.

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*To be eligible for a STOCK CLASS, the following cannot be

changed or modified: Internal engine components, electronics,

frame, carburetor, air box, swing arm, rim size, wheel hubs and

exhaust system. Cylinder re-plating is allowed but must retain the

original manufacturer’s bore. Changes to carburetor jetting is

allowed. Clutch plates, pistons and piston rings may be accessory

items as long as they maintain the stock shape, design and

material of the OEM parts. High compression pistons are not

allowed. All other internal engine components must be stock OEM

parts. Material may be added to the existing frame for strength,

including welding. OEM front and rear suspension can be altered

with internal modifications only. Shock linkage and suspension

spring rates may be changed to any commercially available part.

Any items not listed above may be changed or modified. Violations

of the stock class rules as determined by the protest process or by

the referee of the event will result in a disqualification from the

event. A second violation of the stock class rules will result in a

disqualification from the event and a suspension from AMA

competition for one year. However, if a violation is deemed by the

referee to be cosmetic in nature, with no performance advantage

or willful misconduct involved, he may issue a warning or fine in

lieu of disqualification.

Powder coat away...

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