YZ426 Timing Chain Replacement

I finally got around to doing the 450 exhaust cam, and I have a new timing chain to install at the same time.

I'm having trouble removing the timing chain. I have the cams off and I removed the two bolts holding the bottom of the rear chain guide shoe, but I can't get the chain off. The rear chain guide shoe seems to be in the way, and no matter how hard I try I can't remove it.

Take the tensioner out and pull down on the guide and turn it slightly, and it should come right out.

The guide doesn't need to come down or out, although it does need to be unbolted. Lower the chain a little and rotate it 90 degrees on the vertical. As you do this, you can pull the bottom of the chain out around the end of the crank, then lift it out.

I got it loosened enough to get the chain off the back side of the sprocket, but I had some difficulty with the front. The front chain guide is close to the sprocket, but with a little pressure I was able to get more room.

Thanks for all the tips, the job was easier than I thought. I spent more time running to the store to get miscellaneous parts (T30 Torx bit).

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