head gasket?

I'm getting ready to put a new top end in my sons 05 yz 125. When I picked the parts up at my dealer they had everything I orderd. The problem is the inner o-ring head gasket was cut in half. Have any of you guys reused the head o-rings. I'm to impatient and running out of days off to wait for them to get another one.

You can reuse them...but if it's damaged, best not to. Next time, don't pull the head! (If you didn't have any signs of mechanical damage etc...)

I hope they didn't charge you for a damaged gasket.

You can reuse them, but it's not advised to do so-the chances of failure are much higher with a used gasket than a fresh one. They "squish" when you torque the head down, and when they have been used once, they've already been squished once.

They didn't charge me for the gasket. Thanks for the advice. I'm doing the top end tomorrow, I think I will just leave the head on. That sounds like the easiest solution.

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