Fly Wheel Weight

I have an 02 KX250. I ride trails quite a bit, and a fair amount of MX, although I am not a hard hitter. At 42 my dreams of flying through the air over 90 foot jumps are starting to get bumped by the need to get home in one piece so I can care for my twins and get to work the next day. I am interested in a fly wheel weight, and saw a good deal on a 9oz weight. I was thinking 11oz would be better but is it twice as much $$ better? We're not talking big dollars here but I'm cheap and am always looking to save a buck when I can.

Thanks for the input

I ride 100% trails and have the 11 oz. Steahly. I wish I'd have gotten the 13 oz.

If you're riding MX too, I think you'd be happy with the 9 oz.


If you're really into saving coin,forget the extra weight and simply retard the ignition plate to the #3 line (like it says in the owners manual)It really helps mellow the hit so you can put the power to the ground. I do this on my 125 when i'm going to ride the tighter trails,then put it back when i hit the track.

Thanks, i didn't even know about that. I'll look into it.

I didn't either. Can that be done to a '99 as well?

I have an 11oz Stealy on my 99 KX 250. I ride both track and trail and like it:thumbsup:

Yes Karl you can retard your timing. Turn the stator counter clockwise, the same way the motor turns with the kickstarter, to retard. Go to the end mark of the 3 going that way.


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      Beautifully restored 1996 Kawasaki KX250! Hard to come by them likes this... has a ton of nice upgrades, including:
      PC (pro circuit) linkage
      PC valved suspension for 190 lb rider
      Rare PC seat cover (brand new)
      PC pipe works pipe
      Acerbis 100% carbon silencer
      Emig Racing top triple clamp
      Gold DID chain (brand new)
      Tag oversized bars
      Aluminum skid plate, disc guard, caliper guard etc
      Eline carbon fiber pipe guard
      Upgraded radiators (brand new)
      295cc kit has 12 hours on it
      Throttle cable (brand new)
      Steahly flywheel weight
      Plus much more.....
      Bike was just completely rebuilt, fresh grease, new bearings, new fork seals & wipers, new fork fluid, rear shock just serviced too. Ready to ride, needs ABSOLUTELY nothing and performs amazing.
      Bill of sale, have recent receipts
      Cash only