Fly Wheel Weight

I have an 02 KX250. I ride trails quite a bit, and a fair amount of MX, although I am not a hard hitter. At 42 my dreams of flying through the air over 90 foot jumps are starting to get bumped by the need to get home in one piece so I can care for my twins and get to work the next day. I am interested in a fly wheel weight, and saw a good deal on a 9oz weight. I was thinking 11oz would be better but is it twice as much $$ better? We're not talking big dollars here but I'm cheap and am always looking to save a buck when I can.

Thanks for the input

I ride 100% trails and have the 11 oz. Steahly. I wish I'd have gotten the 13 oz.

If you're riding MX too, I think you'd be happy with the 9 oz.


If you're really into saving coin,forget the extra weight and simply retard the ignition plate to the #3 line (like it says in the owners manual)It really helps mellow the hit so you can put the power to the ground. I do this on my 125 when i'm going to ride the tighter trails,then put it back when i hit the track.

Thanks, i didn't even know about that. I'll look into it.

I didn't either. Can that be done to a '99 as well?

I have an 11oz Stealy on my 99 KX 250. I ride both track and trail and like it:thumbsup:

Yes Karl you can retard your timing. Turn the stator counter clockwise, the same way the motor turns with the kickstarter, to retard. Go to the end mark of the 3 going that way.


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