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suspension suggestions for SM, 215lb rider, multiple terrains

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Hey all;

Looking for some quick suggestions on suspension modification for my 05 DRZ-SM (suspension currently bone-stock).

I am 215lbs sans gear, and I ride in the following conditions...

1. Unloaded SM mode for fairly aggressive sport riding, general commuting, etc.

2. Dual-sport S mode with dirt wheels, medium-difficulty trails and dirt road exploring. Nothing super hard-core by many standards, but I'm getting better...and thus faster/harder in the dirt as I gather experience.

3. Fully loaded in either of the above 2 configurations for 7-10 day camping/adventure trips, usually about 40-50lbs of gear in the Wolfman bags.

I understand the stock suspension is good quality, but depending on weight/conditions, may need respringing/revalving. My SM suspension feels vastly stiffer than the stock "S" bike that I've ridden, so I don't really have a ton of complaints with it right away - though the rear end does sag a bit, and with some upcoming longer loaded tours this summer, I'm worried about overloading it.

I know this is a highly variable set of conditions to ask of suspension.

Any advice from those with similar experience would be most helpful. If it's best to just leave it stock, I can do that too!

Thanks all,


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Thanks Chooken, I have looked through that site - the only info it gives is a spring rate calculator though, and I have no practical reference as to what they mean when they specify a particular riding style.

Which is why I was looking for some real-world experience and recommendations from anyone who is roughly my same weight/riding style/varied terrain, etc., and/or has lots of first-hand experience with DRZ-SM suspension tuning.


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I'm in the same position

I have an 05 sm and weigh about cough cough225cough.

I am riding about 90% pavement right now.

Wish this snow would go away...

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I'm 195 - 200lbs on an 08' SM. I notice it does just fine around town but took it through Baldy Mesa ( lots of hills, whoops and ruts ) area on the street tires and it seemed too soft. My background is strickly dirt / dual sport for many years and compared to other dirtbikes I've raced it does seem a bit sluggish in this department. I think anyone looking for better set-up ought to call people like race tech and get advice directly. A proper spring rate and valving ALWAYS does better than stock. My $.02 would be to call a few companies for pricing then go on the stiffer side of things as more weight will soften it up and stiff usually means more fun in my opinion. If you look around for videos and pics of stock SM's jumping they bottom out very easily with thier 400lbs. The more aggressive you get the more you'll find yourself going off bigger drops and jumps.

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