how to remove spark plug wire?

I'm trying to intsall my hour meter. Last night I took of the side shrouds and the gas tank to have more access to wrap the hour meter's wire around the spark plug boot. Today I ran it for a while to see if it was working and its not, and its also supposed to show the rpm when its running, so its not that I just didn't run it long enough. I'm pretty sure its because the wire isn't tightly coiled around the spark plug wire. So how can you remove the spark plug wire to have better access for coiling the wire around it?

mine isnt coiled to tightly, and it works. If you have the same hour meter as me then it should show the rpm

ok never mind, I had it wired around the wire leading to the boot, but then I found out it was supposed to be coiled around the boot. Now it works, although it never shows rpms and it says its supposed to when running, it shows the hours when running and when off, but I don't really care as long as I see the hours.

it depends on which model you got. If you got the tach/hour then it should.

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