Carb experts please look(non jetting) NEED HELP ASAP!

putting my bike together in this cold weather, went to attach my fuel line to my carb, well I think I bent the copper part(# 17) that goes into the top of the float, because its leaking fuel from there when I turn on the fuel...

my questions....

can I fix this, or is it shot? if shot, what exactly do I need to order? #17 only or #17 and #2? thanks!!!


#17 will get you a new L-fitting and the o-rings (#2). It could be that the o-rings are just shot, or you could have buggered up the L-shaped doodad.

You won't know until you try.

I had to order new o-rings (#2) for my older bike after it had sat for 6 months waiting on a rebuild.

its been sitting a while, maybe the orings are shot... do I just take out that screw on the side and pull it all out?? thanks for the information!

Yeaup, You can just take that locating screw out and it should just all slide out, obviously there will be some resistance due to two O rings on it. Just wiggle back and forth and it should come.

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