Landing MX tomorrow...

Weather looks to be nice. In the 50's, no rain, and it should be pretty dry. Seems like a good day to rip on the dirt scooterer..... :busted::moon:

I'll be there in a blue dodge dakota, #89 KTM. Stop by and say hi if you see me!


Yep, Weather looks good. I be heading up to. I wont be going tioo about Noon or so. I'll be in a White F-150 with a Rmz-450 #40


It was great riding with you today! Had a blast, and I'm sure I got a tad bit faster too! :busted:

Just finished washing my bike in the dark of night, the best I could do though. Sure it ain't pretty, but all that mud is gone and it's 40lbs lighter for tomorrow too! Get to ride some 8 miles of single track.... :moon:


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