No front brake

After a rock tore through my old front brakes line which was the stock line that ran under the fork:bonk: I decided maybe the CR shorty lining was a great idea. I just got the MSR SS line and am having alot of trouble getting this set up to work.

I was able toput it on but bleeding the brakes seems to be impossible. Ive left the bleeder open, covered the MC and pulled on the lever for ever and nothing has changed, no brake fluid is going into the system and Ive tried tweaking little things like how tight the bolt it to try and see if the holes in the bolt are lining up with the brake line but this hasnt helped either. Is their anything Im missing guys? I really dont want to not figure this out and have to take it to the shop.

Well Ill just take it too the shop, 5 hours out of the day and cant figure out how to change a simple thing like the brake line is pretty sad. For some reason everytime I work on this bike one thing or another makes it a night mare. Some how I only have this problem on the Yamaha but not with the Hondas.

You dont have to take it to the shop. Loosen the lower portion of your new brake line. Let it stay open until fluid drips out, then The new lines are obviously FULL of air. The master cylinders never move enough fluid to push it out. There is just too much air to deal with. All you end up doing is pushing the air bubble back and forth inside. Letting fluid drip out at least lets you know the line has fluid in it.

Brand of bike would have little d to do with this issue. Brake lines can be a real pain in the ass to deal with.

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