WR 250 cheap vs. new

i have an 08 wr250 totally stock. i plan on doing all the free mods but when it comes to the exhaust i am not sure what i should do. i have read about swapping with the yzf exhaust and that sounds really cool but after i pick up a new endcap and silencer, i would have only saved about 80 dollars. now when i think of it, it seems like i am just delaying the inevitable.

here's where i get my numbers;

stock yzf pipe- 50-80$

pmb endcap w/ silencer- 120$

Mounting Hardware- 10$

shipping- 45$

total: 225-255$

new fmf q4 slip on exhaust - 300$

shipping - 10$

Total: 310$

i am assuming the new exhaust will deliver more power than the yzf and that the slip on exhaust will be all i need to buy, (besides getting it re-jetted) i am a green horn when it comes to bike mods, so if i left something out, or this just plane won't work, please let me know.

just run the stock yz pipe and fabricate a spark arrestor out of your wife /mums flour sieve:thumbsup: real easy and cheap to do, the wrf really respond great to a yzf pipe ,bike becomes a little noisier but only when you really crack it on:ride: you will also have to rejet, but do all the mods together, free , ap,pipe,throttle stop,ais, your 08 needle is pretty good anywayso just buy a few jets, put a bash plate ,radiator bracesand handguards and youve got yourself a weapon of a bike:banana: :busted:

modify your stock can. all u need is a drill and a 3/16 bit a rivet gun and some new rivets and a grinder. drill out the rivets in the front only where the pipe connects. disassemble and remove the rear baffle only.(grind the welds off)put it back together and modify or by a bigger end cap. wont cost u much and u still have your stock spark arrester and u can doit in an hour or so.

I have a tricked out 2007 WR 250F I am selling. I have a YZ exhaust with PMB end cap and quiet insert. I will sell for $150 if interested


to the op, the yz can will not fit on the wr header. You will need to buy the whole yz exhaust. Where as you can just buy the FMF can that will fit the wr header.

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