2006 yz450 forks vs 2008 yz450 forks

I have a little bit of a dilema, I ave a 2006 yz450 and just picked up a 2008 yz450, I mainly race supermoto with the 06'. the 2008 has the forks revalved for a pro level mx and they are sweet as silk. i am going to make the 08 my main race bike and the 06 my practice bike. I wasthinking of putting the 06 forks on the 08 cause they are kinda setup for sumo and all of my caliper relocation brackets fit the 06. I will have to spend over 200$ to get new brackets to use on the 08 forks, Should i just have the 08 forks redone for sumo, or have the 06 forks done and i wont have to buy new brackets for the 320mm brakes. Are the 08 forks that much better, will the 06 forks fit on the 08? Im confused!

You should be able to slide the '08 forks into the '06 clamps and use them that way. The steering stem on the '08 bottom clamp is 5mm shorter, which isn't such a big deal, really, but you should keep the two matched up. If the clamps need to be switched, press the stems down out of the clamp, and back up into the other one.

The '08 axle will have to be used with the '08 fork.

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