which to choose!!!!1

Ok heres the deal, I have a 1998 klx300r,but im geting a new bike.My choices are a yz250f,yz426f,or a rmz250. Im looking for a light, quick bike with a lot of power. Will a 250 four stroke have the power im looking for or will a 426 be the way to go.and are the 426's a good dependable bike??????


a 250F is by no means a power house. I personally dont like running a 4st like a 125 and dont feel comfortable screaming one in the upper rpms just to make it get out of its tracks. Im faster on a 125 than I am the 250f just because they rev faster. If you are looking for a step up go with a big bore. the 450 will have more than enough and you might just be on a search to tune it down.

I have a 426 and think its a great bike. It will have much more power than the other two bikes you mentioned but the drawback is the weight. The 426 is definately the heaviest of the three but power will make up for it. It kinda depends on what your looking for and the type of riding you do. I have never riden a 250F so I can't give an oppinion on them. I do know that Yamaha makes a very reliable bike and if it has been properly maintained you will be happy. Try to ride them all to see if the power vs. weight can help you with your decision.

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