building an xr650 motard? where to start?

ok, so I just got a 94 xr650l I think. I was told it's an L. The frame id says xr650F. either way, it's air cooled, electric ignition, realy big ugly bike :D I'm coming from a street background, and have no dirt experience, but I'm not realy looking to go out and jump and do all the psycho stuff that seems better suited to 125s. I'm looking to build a bike thats comfortable on the trails, fireroads, and on the paved canyon roads.

I've been reading about other peoples motards, and was wondering where one gets the rims etc to make the conversion, also, if anyone who's actualy done this with the XR650 could give some first hand advice, that would be apreciated as well.

Main things I'm looking for:

rubber choices for both stock and new rims, for primary street riding, with a little time spent in the dirt.

suspension mods suggested for bringing it down to a more comfortable level without distroying the offroad capabilities completley (this shouldnt be an issue for trails and fireroads right?)

and of course... more power. Right now it's got a supertrap exhaust, and apears to be running way to rich, I'm gonna dig into the carb this weekend. As far as internals go, I presume I'm gonna be grabbing cams, repacking the bearings for the low end, and probibly sleaving and grabbing a high compression piston. Does this sound right to you people who actualy know these bikes? tell me what I should be doing :)

Thanks in advance for the help. See you on the road... and off it too now :D

-- James

James, I'm a bit unclear about what you're planning.

You say you wan't to build a supermoto to include trails and

fireroads. To tackle fire roads and trails without knobbly

tires is, in my opinion, suicidal.

I am aware that supermoto racing involves a track with

a short dirt section but the riders are only yards away from help if needed.

cheers, Craig

hrm... well, that does put a damper on that plan. I suppose the better question would be: If you were to build an XR for both canyon carving (on asphault) and occasional off road adventures, where would you start? Street will be 90% of the riding, but I dont want it to be 100% should I look at getting a set of wheels with knobbies and another with street rubber? Do they have a safe motorcycle equivelent to quick release hubs for bicycles? Sorry if I sound like a dolt, I'm just realy new to this aspect of the sport. Thanks agian. :)

-- James

I'd stick to an good street worthy dual-sport tire for now. The XR650L is not quite an asphalt carver, and since you're kind of new to the dual sport I'd take it easy and explore both sides of the fence. :) You might decide you would like to see more dirt and fire roads. :D

With that in mind, visit a well-stocked tire shop and tell them you want a good 10% dirt 90 % street dual-sport tire. Look for something with a tight knobby pattern that are slightly offset and not linear. Here's an example: C6006

It's the one the bottom. Got to be careful with dual sport tires. The mostly off-road types handle like crap going around corners on asphalt.

Also go into your TT profile and post your hometown and state. Might be somebody nearby who can hook you up and get you into a dual sport club or something. Then you might decide to pass on the MoTurd mods. :D

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