Where does one go ridind around LA?

hey all, I'm knew to the dirt scene, after about 5 years on the street. Just got an xr650 (I know, way to big for a starter dirt bike) and am looking to go play around in the dirt, and just get used to the traction, terain diffrences, and figgure out &%$#@! I'm doing. ;-) can anyone suggest areas around northern LA county, southern Ventura county where it's legal to ride. Seeing as how I'm no mx expert, I dont want to have to run from the cops like so many I see out there in my home town where it apears to be a crime to be offroad :)


-- James

You can try Gorman, that's close, maybe 45 minutes from Burbank, Cal City just out from Mojave has some good trails.

Just got back from Dove Springs (where I had a head on collision with some one who never saw me coming) there's fun riding up there... let me know if that helps.

Thgere isn't too much really close to LA. But if your willing to drive 1-3 hours there is plenty to be found. The link provided earlier is great - used it a few times to find new riding areas. We enjoy Gorman, Johnson Valley, & after this past weekend Dove Springs/Jawbone.

We have also tried a spot in Menifee off the 215 at Ethanac. Variety of terrain and a small track. Great for a 1/2 to 3/4 day's ride. We saw folks riding off the 60 at Pyrite - but haven't been by to check it out.

Please check out the post about the Spring TT Ride in April - So Cal was going to meet at Hungry Valley (Gorman) but I think that may be changing!!

Hey thaddeus,

If you want adventure come check out the Sierras on your BRP. Great stuff up here. I live in Mammoth and know lots and lots of the land.

I'd be happy to show anybody around if they're interested (don't even have to wait for the snow to go)

email me at PClark@mammoth-mtn.com

have fun,


my bike and I are tired of the cold Colorado winter...and a friend is ready to try his new WR450 out, so we are headed to Laughlin, Nevada in hopes of an open trail or two...anyone know of a website that may have a map of where to ride in that area? Thanks...

I was in Orange County this past weekend and my friends treated me to my first SoCal ride. We spent a few hours riding at El Mirage, and all I can say is that I still have a stupid, sh*t eating grin on my face! What a blast! It also marked the first time I had a chance to ride an XR650. I have an 03 250F, but that XR made my eyes water (100mph+)! I have a new found respect for you guys that go balls out across the desert on those things! At any rate, enjoy your new ride and think about us poor slobs stuck in the snow and 20 degree weather.

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