Hot gas line w/ IMS tank

I just installed a IMS 3.1 gallon tank on my "05 450.The right side gas line and bottom of the tank get REAL warm when riding just a short period of time while cheking for fit. I have a complete Yoshimura exhaust on the bike. Is this normal or do you guys have some fix it ideas. This is my first post. Every other question that I've had I have been able to find on here somewhere. What a great place!



I had the same problem on my 2004 WR. If they still have the crossover pick on the lower part of the tank simply plug it off and move the fitting to the inside so it is between the tank and the cylinder.

I'll take a look at that. I was going to just use the left side only but thought I'd give them both a try.

I rode with a couple of guys in August in Mexico, one on an '03 WR with I believe an IMS tank and the other on an '02 YZ250. On tight single track both of those bikes got hot enough to boil the gas in the tank. Kind of unnerving if you've never seen it. My '08 with an IMS did not boil the gas, but did percolate the radiator overflow bottle. There are a number of places that sell heat reflecting tape that you can put on the bottom of the tank. I think I've seen it from Zip-ty, Maier, Rocky Mountain, etc. It should help the problem. You could also wrap the exhaust as well with that heat wrap (I think it is asbestos or something similar).

I had thought about the heat wrap before. This summer while doing some no trail trail riding the bike was running hot, bubbling away in over flow when I stopped. I could feel the heat radiating off the exhaust. Was thinking about wrapping it but wasn't sure if it would effect anything else. The reflective tape is a idea I'll look into. The tank was really hot to the touch. I need to do something there for sure.


you should have the header ceramic coated .

you can get heat tape from hard ware stores i have it on certain parts of my bike to reflect heat it works well its about 6$ a roll and sticks like ...well something reallly sticky . its designed for ducting , the old grey duct tape actually isn't acceptable anymore you have to use the shiny stuff .

i despise asbestos in any form , i know to many people with lung cancer from it . i wont touch it with a ten foot pull even if its soaked in resin .

they usually use fibreglass anyway . but ceramic coating is what you want .

there is also heat reflecting wrap for like spark plug wires and stuff at auto parts stores , you could look into heat reflective stuff they have there as well lots of hot rodders need it .

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