Colorado Front Range TT ride???

> Maybe all you racers (I don't race) could post what dates do (or don't) work for the ride. So if we get this thing organized, we can try to work around the race schedules.

3/16 - Dez Mtn

3/23 - Caprock Canyon

4/6 - Lone Star

4/27 - Kachina

5/25 - Jumping Cow

6/13 - Snakebite

6/29 - Inyan Kara

7/27 - Del Norte (National)

8/3 - Calamity Pass

9/7 - Mile High

9/21 - Elk Mountain

10/26 - Cottonboll

11/16 - Bo0ndockers


Thanks Merf...

Hey Merf, where did you find those dates? They have a few different dates on the RMEC website (jumping cow 9/28, snakebite ??). I was planning on entering some enduros this year so I would like to know which dates are correct.

Uh, oh, I got those off the RMEC website a coupla days ago. Upon

rechecking, I see some have been moved and races have been added.

I'd say go with the dates on the RMEC website.

Sorry for the confusion. :)


PS, which races are you thinking about going to?

I'm not sure, I've never entered an enduro but have wanted to for a long time. I hear jumping cow is good for beginners, but it is just too late in the season to start. I'm going to try to enter the ones earlier in the season, at least those in CO. Any advise?

While the Kachina one is not in Colorado it's not to far away and its fun. The Snowshoe is put on by a promotor that has done a few but I think the location is new. Boothill is a national and will be tough. Calamity is tough but fun. The Avalanch is new this year.

The ones down in Texas are great!!! I'm the membership officer for the RMEC so if you have other questions let me know.

After reviewing the schedule, I'm not sure there are any, early in the year, that

I'd recommend for first-timers. The two races in Texas are two of my favorites

and are great first time events. Unfortunately, the best first timer event (Last

Chance) isn't on the schedule for this year.

I've heard that Jumping Cow is a great event, but like you said, is late in the year.


yea Merf it might take you a while to figure this one out. I know you are a very smart guy BUT! I live fairly close to you but never see you, I ride blue, but the racy type!And I once borrowed some gas at a race that you and I where at and it ended up the wrong thing to do. Hope to see you at a race or two this year :)

HI: I think the Salida, St.Elmo, Tin Cup Pass area is worth considering for a gathering. Very scenic, a variety of jeep trails and single track higher up. And uncrowded in my limited experience on a weekend. Tim

If the ride is planned around the RMEC schedule, I will definately be in. Webster Pass is good, but Taylor Park is much funner, IMO. For a large group, Rampart Range in the summer will be a zoo.

Another thought...

For an early season group ride (Feb., March, April) how about the Pueblo area? I have never been there myself, but I hear there are many trails and tracks. Sounds like there may be something there for everyone. Any thoughts from those who have been there?

Would that race happen to have been a national in Iowa? :)


Hey Dodger,

We have a Moab trip planned In March. We leave town after work Thurs, March 20 and return Monday, March 24. We are gonna ride many of the places on the MotoUtah website. Anyone who wants can join us!!!

Keener, RE: Pueblo. Thanks, I'll pass.

The area used to be a prime wintertime place to practice. In the last 10 years or so, it's turned into the local dumpground. There's broken glass, shot-up washing machines, tires, the occasional flipped car (no joke) and people of all speeds, abilities and mental capacity going in ever direction possible. There are a couple of small canyons that are fun to run, but that's about it. There used to be a semi-enduro trail laid out that they used for the HS they ran down there a couple times. Last time I ran that trail, there were a couple washing machine and a few tires thrown into some gullies.

I know some people like riding there, but it's not for me. It's a shame that it's been so abused as it once was a nice place to ride. You should go sometime and see for yourself. I'd suggest a warm sunny Sunday in April.


Lol Maybe! Great guess! I gave you to many clues I can see. I bought a WR 450 and so far nothing but problems. I have my hopes still. It handles good but goes slow. I am going to stay with it and stay positive. They detuned them so much to sale them as offroad. I had plans to go to the Texas race today but the bike is not ready for racing yet! Are you planning to attend some RMEC events this year? See ya Ken

Hey, I wanna ride on the WR... It's funny, Rex (Endurodog) and I were discussing

the fact that we were glad we didn't buy a new 450 this year. I have no doubt you'll

get yours tuned up.

As far as Texas, yea, I'm going to Turkey and Kalgary for sure. I might even do

Kachina this year. There isn't going to be any water in the local lakes so I

might as well race a little!

BTW, send me your email address... I've got a little list that I send notices to

when we're all heading out the track. Saturday was a hoot. Perfect weather

albeit a bit crowded. Got in around 40 miles.


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