what screw to remove from carb and have cut.

I just purchased a 2002 Yamaha wr 426. I was told by the sales person to remove the baffle in the exhaust, and something about a screw in the carb that can be cut which would give you more throttle. Taking out the exhaust baffle was not a problem, however I'm not to sure about exactly what screw to remove. I removed the black plastic throttle cover to take a look, and saw a allen head screw that I removed that is a little over an inch long with thread on the bottom, then the rest is a shaft. Is this what needs to be cut? I can't find the allen head screw in the owners manual, all they show is the throttle stop screw on page 4-16 in the owners manual (Is this the screw that needs to come out). Someone told me it was a allen head screw. Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to Thumpertalk Onyxxx!

If you do a search for Throttle Stop in the WR426 forum you will receive many instructions on performing this. You will, however, find many differences on the length of which to cut.

The throttle stop is located on the kickstarter side of the bike behind the black plastic cover on the carburetor.

If you have small hands you may be able to reach in there and use an allen wrench to get to throttle stop. If you have big hands you will have to remove the carb to get at it.

I ended up removing a resevoir thingie ( excuse my meager bike lingo ) and removing the stop while carb was still installed. On the throttle stop you will see a nipple at the end of the threads. I whacked the nipple off and put back in. PERFECT!

One last thing, Watch that front end now ! Ohhh my what a difference.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the information.

Or buy YZ throttle stop screw Yamaha part number 5JG-14591-00.

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