Can Anyone Make a 2003 WR450F Street Legal in CA.?

:confused:Suggestions, i heard there was no way...except to go to Arizona(buy it and have an Address there)...i need your wisdom...

A guy who works for a Yamaha dealership here in SoCal told me that he put the kit on his bike and then kept going to different DMVs until he got his plate from a clerk who didn't know better. He has done this both with a red sticker WR400 and and red sticker WR426. Worth a shot. He said it took about 4 or 5 tries. He ended up getting his 426 plate at the Fontana DMV.

Not much of a chance in Ca any more. One possible exception is a Canadian bike. No "C" or "3" in the 8th digit of the VIN.

It usually doesn't require a DMB....errrrr....DMV clerk that knows the drill to be denied. The computer will kick it out for anything but a red sticker. Even if it happens once, they will catch you next time and force you to surrender your street plate. It's happened to several friends of mine already.

DMV seems to be getting their computers up to date.


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