***Attention Utah Riders***_____Cherry Creek Ride


If you guys are driving to the dunes anyway, you may find that the dunes are better after the storms that are coming through this week, especially if there is still significant snow on the ground.



I concur, it's a go :). I'll give you a call later today to choose a time and place to meet. If we don't connect for some reason, give me a call on my cell at 801-836-5246.


Anyone wants to join us on Saturday we'll be meeting at the main ranger station - where you pay to enter Little Sahara - at 9:00am. I'll be driving a white dodge ram pulling a small trailer with a KTM 520 in the back. I'm counting 5-7 riders. Should be a riot in the wet sand and muddy trails :).



It's a go. We are meeting in the parking lot by the ranger station at 0900 sharp. We'll see you there. I'll be driving a Toyota 4-Runner, Blackie has a Silver Dodge four door truck, and mrmoto has a white Dodge truck. I'll PM you.

Yellow Bike!

I'd love to come and go for the ride. My bike is between title transfer and inspection, so if we actually end up going past the ranger station I'm not exactly legal...If we are just meeting there than I would love to come.

By the way, does anyone want to meet up in Salt Lake and ride down together? It seems like a waste to have everyone drive down alone. Plus it would give me the chance to get to know someone a bit better. PM me if anyone is interested. I'll chip in for gas if anyone wants to drag me along, or I can drive. Thanks


We'll be meeting at the Ranger station parking lot but we can drive from there around back and enter the park through the Cherry Creek area to avoid any inspections. If we do end up riding any of the dunes area, you'll want a flag on the bike to keep the rangers away.

If you'd like to load your bike on my trailer, we can ride down together. I live in Lehi. Give me a call at 801-836-5246. If I don't hear from you, I'll see you there.

- Eric

Is the intention to ride the dunes? I'd much rather ride trail, (plus I don't have a flag). If the group is planning on riding the Cherry Creek trails, I'm planning on the ride (let's see if I can get my bike ready on Valentines Night!) Eric, I'll give you a call to see if we can hook up. Thanks for the offer.



You are more than welcome to join us! My trailer is full sorry. Nice of Eric to offer (thanks). Dunes? For my wife and Blackie's wife. Trails for me!! See you Saturday................db

I'm planning on riding the Cherry Creek trails... Some of the riders going are planning to ride the dunes part of the day. I'm not much of a sand rider so I may not. Trails are much more fun for me.

- Eric

Woa! R1 you said Sunday. Tomorrow is the 15th. I'm assuming we are riding tomorrow. Did I miss something?

SATURDAY!! My bad......... :)

Trails for me. If the dunes are wet they can be fun for a minute or two. :)

Just following the posts here and I noticed some of the guys don't like to ride sand and want to stay on the trails. That's the beauty of Cherry Creek/Jericho; the best of both worlds. When we make the trip down there, we usually split up the day by riding sand in the mornings and trails into the afternoon. Wish I could be there with you guys!!

TTT................... :)

I'd like to thank the following people,

mrmoto (Eric), KRobWR250 (Kent), Blackie (John) and wife (Jennifer). PWalk100 (Phil), r1-superstar's wife (Angelia)....

It was an AWESOME day of riding. We need to do it again sometime really soon!!

Peace...............db :)

Ditto. Jennifer and I had a great time. Maybe Moab next?


I need to post some pictures later on....It took me $5 worth of quarters to clean the mud off of my bike. No lie, I bet it put on 50 pounds, and you know the DRZ is a pig to begin with. We had a blast. Thanks crew....

John -- We saw you on the highway in Provo. You gassed it on us like Kent was gassing it on me all day long :)

Great ride guys (and gals)!! Roosting up those hills with the front end lofted from so much traction made me chuckle like a big dork inside my helmet. Thanks Danny for getting this together. Sorry we got you separated. My bad. I lead you off on the wrong trail, then doubled back. D'OH!

Don't forget Eric (Motoman).

You were doing just fine Phil. I didn't realize how much weight my bike had gained until I picked up the back end to swing it around so I could shut the tail gate on my truck. I about threw out my back.

Yeah, definitely, let's do to it again. Hey John, when are you going to show us Moab?

Kent (still wiping the stupid grin off my face).

Pleaty of sun... sticky mud... packed sand... could we ask for more :) ??

Danny, I checked out Bunkerhill. The track looks like alot of fun. I might be able to ride with you on Saturday. Let me know when you're going.

- Eric

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