Availability of WR 450???

My Local dealer has been allocated two WR's. I think they're already sold. If you don't get a deposit on one soon,expect to wait till '04. :)

I put my money down the morning after the announcement of the WR with electric start. First on the list at my dealership so I'll have a new one. I don't know about resale value of used ones though because I've had my 02 WR 426 in the paper for three weeks without a single call. Bought it in February and it's only got 400 miles on it. Is $4700 too much to ask for a 5 month old, kick butt machine?? On another note, I wonder if we'll see any new WR's on EBay at a premium...

$4700 is a great buy for a 426. I just sold my '01 WR250 for $4500.

Resale value should stay the same. People that don't have an extra couple grand laying around are still going to want a WR.

When you buy used it's easy to overlook a feature or two, especially if you really don't need it. Of course, I Really Need Electric Start. :)

I am also number one on the list at my local dealer. Up here in the Great White North we are not going to see a WR450 until January at the earliest. May have to take it to Daytona for breakin since the dirt biking up here in January through to April is a little tough most years.

Willy Fitz

Y2K WR400

I am the first on the list at my dealer as well. I am a littled worried though. This guy told me September, but all I have been hearing in the forums is no earlier than December. I got $6400.00 Otd in writing with deposit.

Now that there is a very real difference between YZ and WR (4 vs. 5 speeds), don't you think that there are a bunch of folk who mostly ride trail but occasionally visit the track who may find themselves in a quandry? The YZ would have been the bike of choice in the past, but now?? I think the new YZ may be seen as a TRACK ONLY bike. This would considerably increase the demand of the new WR.

I don't know how many Yamaha has made, but I bet they will sell more WR's this year (or sell out faster) than in the past.

This should increase resale values of used WRs but the real issue is ... will we be able to find an '03 to buy???

Anyone know the numbers? Any thoughts? :)

i was told mine would be in in august,i just laughed. december sounds more realistic.


I haven't seen any '03 WR450's yet, but I did see an 03' WR250 in the showroom this weekend. I'm still waiting on my YZ450F. Looks like Spetember or later.

I am #2 at my dealer. I stopped by on Saturday to make sure they were getting at least 2 and was told (while looking at the allocation sheet)that they had 4 coming in for November-December, 4 for January- February and 3 for March- April. Thats not a whole lot of iron for a year but I'm getting mine and thats what matters to me. I know, I know, Poor Attitude. Sure hope I can Dualsport it so I can ride to and from some of the riding areas around here. Jim

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