where to start hop up wise?

Hi, sorry for the mass postings, but I'm somewhat new here. I havent realy found a repository of what does and doesnt work on the XR yet, so I thought I'd ask you guys.

I'm looking to get a bit more power, without affecting the rideability (power curve) and reliability of my XR650L anyone know of any sites that I should check out, or have some first hand experience, it would be apreciated. Thanks agian. :)

-- James


Get the Honda HRC hop up kit for the carburetor and the HRC pipe insert or a White brothers E series pipe. The carburetor kit is $40 and the HRC pipe insert is $100 (Baja Designs.com). After that then get a smog block off kit if you have a California bike ($40). This will give you the beans you are looking for. :)

Hey Thumpdaddy, I don't know if you picked up on this or not but this guy has an "L" not a "R"! DOH! :) Sorry, couldn't resist! Did you get your new Pro-Meg? Let's rip Ocotillo this Sunday! :D


I've got an XR650L as well. I also run with a supertrapp exhaust, and have removed all the emission equipment from my motor. Currently I'm in the middle of upgrading a few components. First, I reccomend at a minimum removing the emissions stuff from your bike and cutting the snorkel out of your airbox, and cutting some holes in the sides of it. My emissions equipment was removed when I bought the bike, but I read a great deal of posts reccomending this, so I'll jump on that bandwagon as well. I personally use a K&N filter, but you might wish to shop around. The crank breather I replaced with a K&N as well. Since the supertrapp exhaust melted a spot on my rear fender, this gave me the excuse to purchase new plastic. (That and the kid with no flag on his go cart in the dunes. One snapped fender brace and bent fender) I put a 120 degree deflector on my exhaust, I'm hoping that will cure the melting problem. I went with my old favoite Acerbis Baja front and rear. I also got the Acerbis tail light assembly. Since the headlight and control panel assembly drives me nuts on my bike, I scrapped it. I put on an Acerbis HP DOT headlight, and a Trailtech Endurance computer. I bought a little four light bank at a local auto parts store, and some colored lenses, and used it to replace the indicator lights. I also did a little work with some aluminum sheet stock, and mounted the old speedo light to shine on the comp, so I can see it at night. I finished this off with a spacer to replace the speedo drive gear. My seat is a Corbin. I don't know the model, as it came with the bike. My tank is an IMS 4 gallon, as I strike out into the desert, and I like to get back, yanno? I re-built the bearings in the swingarm when I got the bike, using parts from White Brothers, and put a White Power shock on it. I run Pirelli MT-21 tires front and rear on RK rims. As a finishing touch, I put on a dipstick temp gauge, to try to stave off another overheating. I'm waiting on an Edelbrock Pumper from Barnumspro, and when it's on, I'll let you know how it works. After an extensive round of research, I find that it offers the best value as far as price, technology, and customer support and service. I'm quite sure it's performance will not dissapoint. For my next round of mods, I plan on upgrading my cam and piston, and putting either an oil cooler or a big fin head on.

Was I happy with the way my bike ran before? Yes, to a point. I'm hoping it will have a bit more power off the bottom now, with the new carb. This probably doesn't answer your question, but I thought if you saw how another guy modified his 650L, you might get a good picture of what you want. My advice is that. Decide what you want the end product to be, and shop around to get the best price. I discovered to my amazement that the best place to get my plastic was the local dealer. No shipping charges, and I got a discount that made the the best price on the market. Happy trails.


For some reason, we all seem to start with carb and pipe mods. Then we somehow end up working the engine. The problem with this is that every time you touch the thing, you have to dial in jetting and gearing. If I had it to do over, I'd do the everything at once. Check out my mods. It's a very nice set up.

Have fun

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