What is the best pipe for 08 YZ450F

Im looking for the best pipe for low to mid power. HELP!

Dr D makes some good stuff for Yamaha....

I use Pro Circuit T4 full system, I think is awesome

Rode erickdj's '08 YZ on friday and it wasn't hurting for low and midrange power. DR.D full system on that bike.

I don't know what a stock '08 feels like, but from what people have told me and what I've read in the mags apparently its kinda doggish off the bottom The '08 with a pipe OTOH feels very impressive...like a 450 MXer should feel like :busted:

My Dr. D but i would buy the one that alowes you to lower the radators.

Dr.D also sells the 50.00 kit to do it.

Dubach Racing Development (DR.D)

The build quality and fit is most impressive. Great power gains throughout the RPM range and big increase in the low/mid especially.


Would highly recommend the Dr. D exhaust system. I have the stainless steel and love it. No need to buy the carbon fiber. Higher maintains and cost more. Ya its lighter but your wont tell a difference.

Im looking for the best pipe for low to mid power. HELP!

I love my Ti/Ti Dr. D! You will too.

The Two Brothers is sweet. Really cranks up the output down low and in the middle...

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