Can't get the drz to start

I seem to be having a bad luck on electrical stuff with the DRZ.

The time before last I spent a full day of riding and the bike's battery gave out. we replaced it with a new one and the same thing happened the next time.

The bike has been in the garage on the battery tender since. Once the battery was charged I tried to follow all of the wires to make sure none of them had rubbed through any coatings and was touching something that would drain charge. Couldn't find anything.

Just now I went to go crank it to circulate the fluids and it keeps trying but it just won't crank. I am at my wit's end on this thing and have considered selling it at a loss.

I bought a voltmeter and plan on trying to do some tests.

Is there anything obvious that I could be missing? The charging system and starting system on the bike should be pretty simple but I thought I would see if the forum had any bright ideas for me that i'm overlooking.

I look forward to any posts, in the mean time I will be searching through old threads to see what others may have done when in the same situation.

Perhaps you could have a look at the FAQ What you'll find there is a wealth of info, and one article specifically that will help you with your issue

Thanks bronco, I have already emailed that to my work to print tomorrow.

Thanks bronco, I have already emailed that to my work to print tomorrow.

Very cool.. Have a read and give it a shot. What i in that article is all that really can be written anyway.. If you have any questions or need more clarification, ask away.... May here can assist. :busted:

Oh i'll be sure to post questions when I have them, because I will. I'm going to work on knowing how to use the multimeter before I get started though, I have never worked on electrical before.

I had the same problem which ended up being more mechanical than electrical..It ended up being dirty carb jets causing some kind of hydrolock in the cylinders. Check to make sure you don't have any fuel in your airbox...If I am way off the mark let me know but i was in a similar posistion a few months ago...

I don't think that is my problem. Airbox is in good shape.

I ran some seafoam through it a while back. Probably 2 or 3 gas tanks ago.

Ahh OK...Is your bike running yet? If not I know something you should check for sure...Also, will your bike start while hooked up to a battery charger? If it tries to start but sounds very sluggish I know the problem...

-intake valves worn

-clip fell off needle jet(happened to me on the trail once)

-or the ever-present DRZ problem...........camchain tensioner broke!

No it won't start with the float charger still attached.

I've left it on the charger because I haven't had time to work on it since the original post. Hopefully will get to do all of these tests tonight and I will post back up.

It sounds like any number of possible rookie mistakes. How many amps is your charger? If it is more than 1.5 probably fried the battery.

Could be a charging system failure that let the battery go in the first place.

the charger goes at 1am and 2 amp. According the manufacturer, it won't overcharge. But if I had it set on 2 i guess that could be a possiblity.

my guess is you need a new battery. I had the same issue and used a battery tender. Wouldn't start even on a bump start. Replaced the battery and good as new. FYI batteries for the DRZ are not cheap. Expect about $100

I was wrong, charger is 1.5am with a 6volt and 12volt option so that should be good.

I finally got it to start today, but the reading on the meter while it was running wasn't turning out 13 volts. So there is my first flag. :busted:

Going to go through a schematic tonight and take her apart. Being a novice I barely know the difference between the clutch level and brake lever! (ok, maybe i'm not that bad) :moon:

Probable bad stator.

It's linked already.

Couldn't take the cover off, one of the phillip heads are stripped. Gotta get something to drill that screw out then i'll be back on track.

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