Suzuki hauling Suzuki

Just another reason not to drive my crew cab diesel.


hell he could of rode the bike where ever he was going. I would have.

Not when it has nobby tires (has stock street tires in pic), plus its about 45minute ride just to get to the trails.

Just another reason not to drive my crew cab diesel.


Actually, with the price of gas and diesel these days, you should drive the crew cab diesel while you can afford it! I drove my motorhome last week simply because gas is under $2 per gallon. (it won't last though... the cost of crude went up because Israel bombed Gaza... not sure of the connection)

Where did you get that bike carrier. It looks like its bolted together instead of welded. Am I wrong? Is the part under the rear tire sagging a bit?

Alright... Repping TT :busted:

It's just a cheap rack I got at pepboys,it has alittle bit of a arch to it but it has supports that go from side to side. I know there are better racks but it was a "oh crap we are riding tomorrow and I need a rack" so the only one I could find local was this. I building a small trailer to tow, so I will prob get rid of the rack anyways. oh yeah its all bolt together.I used it last winter about 10 times and went down some rough rodes and never had any problems with it.

I would love to drive my diesel, but I was one of the 700,000 prople in calif that got laid off. 30 mpg vers 15 mpg plus gas is still cheaper then diesel.Just my luck diesel is hella cheap and I don't have the cash to take the toyhauler anywhere.

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