Best fork cartridge for KX 85.

My 11 yo 75lb rider is getting confident and really picking up his speed. Want to improve the suspension and most importantly keeping within a tight budget. I've checked on Factory Connection and Fox cartridges and was wondering if anyone else has had something different that worked good.

I've got .27 fork springs and a 4.4 shock all is stock, been experimenting with different weight oils and changing compression settings. He says it's ok but after watching him ride a friends bike who had TH Racing do the suspension he was almost 3 seconds a lap faster on his friends bike.

Suspension Direct offers a upgrade cartridge kit for the KX. Not sure of the price though. Here is there # 714-464-2050.

My son is 12 and weighs 75lbs also. I think we are running the same springs as you.Then this is what we did at the advice of the guy i bought the springs from.switch the oil to mobil 1 synthetic atf at 90mm high and clickers 8 out

rear shock,set sag at 85mm,comp at 2:00 position and rebound 10 to 11 clicks out. Also i hear if you can get a yz85 base bolt it will fit right in and it gives you alot more adjustment.

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